Free Home Site Program
Lincoln, Kansas, is investing ambitiously in the future offering free home sites in a completely new subdivision. View pictures of development construction.

Imagine a 720 square mile county with buffalo, farm animals and wildlife scattered across picturesque hillsides. Imagine that it has 3500 residents and no serious crime - but also local medical care, broadband internet and nine miles of Interstate 70. 
It exists. Lincoln is its county seat.

This north-central Kansas town has worked since 2002 to create a fully improved subdivision.  It has cost roughly two-thirds of a million dollars in local funding. In October 2004, the city council voted to give away the building sites to the first 21 qualified applicants who agree to build homes which comply with city requirements.

The subdivision is in the city limits, near a baseball field, the city park and the new junior-senior high school and athletic facilities. It is an easy walk to the industrial park and medical complex, and not far from either downtown or the golf course. A 45 minute drive takes you to a major regional center for shopping, medical services, colleges, air travel and entertainment.

New subdivision streets, curbs and gutters are finished and the lots are ready for construction. Home sites of various sizes and shapes are connected to two new cul-de-sacs. Underground utilities service each lot.

Local residents point with pride to other recent advances in their schools, quality-of-life amenities, public safety and recreation.  For a small town, Lincoln has a surprising amount to offer the new families it wants to attract.

Lincoln's turreted limestone courthouse is on the National Registry of Historic Places. A hundred yards away, side by side, are the Lincoln Art Center with a boutique gift shop and permanent visual art collection and the Finch Theatre for films, meetings and occasional performing arts.

Local restaurants specialize, variously, in pizza, barbecue, and traditional Midwestern cooking.  Three museums bookend the main street's primary shopping area.

The community continues to look forward. Some residents are pursuing a long-term dream of building a wellness center, complete with indoor swimming  and other facilities, immediately adjacent to the new subdivision.

Lincoln's traditions date back to the 1870's - but its focus is on the future. Home site information is available from the city offices at 785-524-4280 and from the county economic development offices at 785-524-8954. 
City of Lincoln, Kansas
 Welcome to Lincoln, Kansas... the city "the size of a dime with the heart of a dollar!"

Arts Center
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