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Monthly City Council Meeting                              Unofficial
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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                        January 8, 2018
Council Chambers:​

​ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Jack D. Crispin, Jr., Lisa S. Feldkamp, Elijah Keever, and Melodee K. Larsen. Councilmember absent: Louis Zsuzsics, Jr. Officials present: Attorney Daniel D. Metz and Clerk Heather N. Simms. Also present: Superintendent Jesse C. Meyer.

VISITORS:  Visitors in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Jyll Phillips, Robert White, Carly Errebo, Kelly Larson, Lori Spear, Kathy Robertson, Adam Boyd, Jessica Clay, Nichole McDaniel, Debora Zachgo, Dale Romesburg, Clay and Linda Haring.  

AGENDA AMENDMENTS:  Kathy Robertson, USD298 Superintendent requested to address the Governing Body.

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Keever, minutes of the December 29, 2017, year-end meeting were approved as written.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Council reviewed accounts payable lists containing December invoices in the amount of $182,484.75, and January invoices to date totaling $48,663.10. Upon motion by Crispin, seconded by Larsen, all said invoices, in the amount of $231,147.85, were approved for payment.

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:  Three (3) accounts, totaling $546.61, were on the list of delinquent utilities reviewed and discussed.

THANK YOU:  Kathy Robertson expressed USD298’s appreciation for the quick response and repair on Lincoln Elementary School’s water service.

OATHS OF OFFICE:  Clerk Simms administered the Oath of Office to newly-elected Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager and Councilmembers Elijah Keever and Melodee K. Larsen.

PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Keever, Jack D. Crispin, Jr. was elected President of the Council. Crispin abstained.

OFFICIAL DEPOSITORIES:  Upon motion by Crispin, seconded by Larsen, The Bank of Tescott and Citizens State Bank were designated as Official Depositories for City funds.  

APPOINTMENTS/CITY OFFICIALS:  Mayor Schwerdtfager made the following City Official appointments for the ensuing year:

                                                            City Clerk – Heather N. Simms
                                                Deputy City Clerk – Deirdre K. Mahin
                                                     City Treasurer – Galen L. Liggett
                                                       City Attorney – Daniel D. Metz
                                                            Fire Chief – Roger Hayworth
                                                  Municipal Judge – Brian V. Grace

There followed a motion by Crispin, seconded by Feldkamp, to confirm the Mayor’s appointments and recommendation. Motion carried. After discussion, Feldkamp moved to start Roger Hayworth at $100 monthly salary, seconded by Larsen. Motion carried.  

APPOINTMENTS/COUNCIL COMMITTEES:  The following Council Committees were appointed by Mayor Schwerdtfager:

                                                       Finance – Crispin (Chairman), Larsen, Keever
                                          Streets & Alleys – Zsuzsics (Chairman), Feldkamp, Crispin
                                Park, Cemetery & Fire – Feldkamp (Chairman), Zsuzsics, Keever
                                 Light, Water & Sewer – Larsen (Chairman), Zsuzsics, Feldkamp
                          Airport, Library & Housing – Keever (Chairman), Larsen, Crispin

There followed a motion by Crispin, seconded by Keever, to confirm the Mayor’s appointments. Motion carried.

LCIC PRIDE RES. 18-01:  A Resolution No. 18-01, entitled “KANSAS PRIDE PROGRAM 2018 ENTRY GOVERNMENT RESOLUTION,” to make the City of Lincoln Center part of the Kansas Pride Program. This would help with grant funding as the “Pride Committee” would be under the City of Lincoln Center as a governmental entity. Crispin moved to adopt Resolution No. 18-01. Motion seconded by Keever, carried. Feldkamp abstained.

PRIDE COMMITTEE:  Carly Errebo, Pride Committee, reported on the past year’s projects the committee had completed and started. The Pride Committee received two grants; one for the benches placed along Lincoln Avenue in the business district and the other to assist with a community clean-up day. The committee had recognized nice yards, community volunteers and placed a flower pot in front of City Hall. Pride hosted a “First Impressions” meeting and Errebo said they are planning for new ideas for 2018. Errebo requested a monetary donation to help with funding of future projects. Crispin moved to approve a $500 monetary donation to the Pride Committee, seconded by Keever, carried. Feldkamp abstained.  

GRANT APPLICATIONS:  Nicole McDaniel, North Central Regional Planning Commission (NCRPC) reported to the Governing Body that it is now time to start the process if they were interested in applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for a water or sewer project. After further discussion, Crispin moved for Superintendent Meyer to contact Stuart Porter, an engineer with Schwab-Eaton, to get an idea of project cost and place the City on the Kansas Department Health and Environment (KDHE) list for loan funding. Motion was seconded by Feldkamp, carried.  

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLANNING:  Nichole McDaniel also presented a Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) program NCRPC is helping different entities to implement. McDaniel invited the Governing Body to submit an online survey and contact NCRPC if the City was interested in a CIP program.  

INDY PARK BIDS:  Mayor Schwerdtfager opened the sealed bids received for the Industrial Park Building renovation and repair. The city received three bids, each bid had two alternates as requested in the bid documentation; one alternate for a new HVAC unit and the other for a fresh air damper. After discussion, Keever moved to accept Ponton Construction Inc. base proposal of $72,418.80, seconded by Crispin. Motion carried.  

TRANSFER FUNDS:  A motion was made by Crispin, seconded by Feldkamp, to transfer $36,517.97 from the Light Fund to the Bond and Interest Fund for 2018 GO Bond Payments. Motion carried.

LHA/APPOINTMENT:  Mayor Schwerdtfager appointed Joyce Harlow to an unexpired 4-year term as a member of the Lincoln Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. Feldkamp moved to confirm the Mayor’s appointment, seconded by Larsen. Motion carried.

REC COMM APPT.: Mayor Schwerdtfager made the following appointments to the Lincoln Recreation Commission:  

                                             City Representative 4-year term – Dale Romesburg
                           City Representative Unexpired 4-year term – Debora Zachgo
                                       County Representative 2-year term – Elizabeth Sheldon
                                     USD298 Representative 2-year term – Jeana Eckhart
                                     USD299 Representative 2-year term – Stacey Meitler

There followed a motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Larsen, to confirm the Mayor’s appointments. Motion carried. After discussion, the Governing Body and Recreation Commission board members agreed to work on communication and setting goals.

AIRPORT:  Attorney Metz and Airport Operator Clay Haring explained the Pipeline Crossing Agreement is still a work in progress. It was agreed by the Governing Body to focus on crossing agreement before addressing the right-of-way payment consideration.

NUISANCES:  Superintendent Meyer was instructed to start focusing on “junk and abandoned” vehicles by the Governing Body in 2018. Meyer presented the Governing Body with several pictures of vehicles that appear to be “junk or abandoned.” Meyer questioned with the number of vehicles how the Governing Body would like to proceed. Crispin moved for Clerk Simms to put a notice in the monthly utility bills to inform the residents that the City will be focusing on enforcing the city code on “junk and abandoned” vehicles.

SEWER MAINS:  Superintendent Meyer explained the city is having problems with water infiltration issues in the sewer mains. After Meyer and the city crew researched the issue further, they believe they have found the source. Meyer had contacted Stuart Porter, who suggested the city contract with a vendor to run a camera with recording ability through the sewer mains to help determine the extent of the damage. After discussion, Keever moved for Meyer to contact Reddi Industries, Inc. to inquire about use of a camera, with the cost not to exceed $5000. Motion seconded by Crispin, carried.

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Crispin moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried. Council adjourned at 10:29 p.m.

                                                                                              /s/ Heather N. Simms
                                                                                              City Clerk

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