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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                        August 12, 2019
Council Chambers:

​ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Lisa S. Feldkamp, Elijah Keever, Melodee K. Larsen and Louis Zsuzsics, Jr. Councilmember absent: Jack D. Crispin, Jr. Official present: Clerk Heather N. Hillegeist.  

VISITORS:  Others in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Robert White, Shari Pittenger, Betty Summers, Kelly Larson, Adam Boyd, Jyll Phillips, Erin Allen and Denise Schmidt. 

AGENDA AMENDMENT:  Carson Walter’s request to use the West Ballfield was removed from the agenda.

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Keever, seconded by Larsen, Minutes of the July 8, 2019, regular meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:  Payroll Voucher No. 19-07, for July wages and salaries in the amount of $68,031.81, was presented. A motion by Keever, seconded by Zsuzsics, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Accounts Payable lists were reviewed. Invoices prepaid in July totaled $66,125.91, and unpaid invoices received to date totaled $203,856.67. Upon motion by Zsuzsics, seconded by Feldkamp, all invoices in the amount of $269,982.58 were approved for payment. Keever abstained.

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:  The Governing Body reviewed a list of eleven (11) delinquent utility accounts totaling $1,817.60.

LIBRARY APPNT.:  Mayor Schwerdtfager appointed Cecilia Tagtmeyer to a regular unexpired 4-year term on the Lincoln Carnegie Library Board. Feldkamp moved to confirm the Mayor’s appointment. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried.  

MUNICIPAL POOL:  Keever moved to authorize USD 298 to use the Municipal Pool for physical education classes for 11 days after the pool closes to the public, from August 16th to August 30th. Motion was seconded by Zsuzsics, carried. Larsen abstained.

COUNTY 150TH ANNV.:  Lincoln County Economic Development Director, Kelly Larson, reported the County will be celebrating their sesquicentennial “150th Anniversary” in 2020. Larson explained that a meeting has been set at the VFW Hall on August 26th at 6 p.m. to explore ideas. The plan is to have a calendar of events set by the end of 2019.  

DISC GOLF TOURNEY:  Kelly Larson requested permission to use the city park for a disc golf tournament on November 9th. After discussion, Feldkamp moved to approve the use of the city park for disc golf. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried. 

MIDLAND GIS:  Erin Allen, Midland GIS Solutions Business Development Director, presented a proposal to the Governing Body regarding locating the City’s sewer mains by Geographic Information System Technology. Allen explained that their company uses survey grade and ID’s each structure through the process. Midland would also use the digital mapping of the electric system they had located in 2013 and incorporate in the water system that Kansas Rural Water Association located in 2014. All of these components would be put in a web based program that would be used and updated by city staff. There would be an annual hosting fee with no contract. Allen explained if the city would want to terminate the service with Midland GIS, the records would still belong to the City. The project would take 8-10 weeks to finish and they would work with the City Superintendent, Kansas Municipal Utilities (KMU) and Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA) to get all the necessary information. After discussion, Keever moved to approve the city to contract with Midland GIS Solutions for digital mapping of the city’s sewer mains for $14,585, website development $3,000 and 1 year of hosting fee of $2,400. Motion seconded by Feldkamp, carried. 

2020 BUDGET:  Mayor Schwerdtfager opened a public hearing, for the purpose of hearing and answering comments regarding the proposed 2020 Budget. No objections or comments were received from the public. Mayor Schwerdtfager then closed the budget hearing. There followed a motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Larsen, to approve and adopt the Budget for the year 2020. Motion carried.

ROLLING HILL AGRMNT:  Clerk Hillegeist presented an Agreement between Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. and the City of Lincoln Center that was provided by Rolling Hills. Hillegeist explained that the agreement was sent to Attorney Metz and Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) for review. The agreement is following a ten year agreement between both parties that will expire in September of 2019. Feldkamp moved to approve the 10 year agreement ending in September 2029, seconded by Keever. Motion carried.

RV PARK:  Clerk Hillegeist explained a check in and check out was never established for the RV Park and until recently it has not been an issue. After discussion, Keever moved to establish the check in time at 3 p.m. and check out at 11 a.m. Motion seconded by Feldkamp, carried.

J JENSEN MEMORIAL:  Mayor Schwerdtfager presented the Governing Body with quotes for drainage and repairs at the West Ball Field that he would like to complete prior to the memorial. The matter was tabled and requested to be put on the September agenda under West Ball Field drainage and repairs.

SEWER CERTIFICATION:  City Maintenance Worker Darren Johnson had recently completed the requirements for a Class I Sewer Operator Certification. Upon motion by Keever, seconded by Feldkamp, Johnson was granted a $.50/hour increase in pay, effective with the August Payroll.

NUISANCES:  Clerk Hillegeist said Attorney Metz and Superintendent Meyer were working on a plan for the abandoned cars.  

IIMC ANNUAL CONF:  Clerk Hillegeist asked for approval to apply for a scholarship to attend the 2020 International Institute for Municipal Clerks (IIMC) conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in May. Hillegeist explained that the conference is in our Region VII, one Kansas clerk is on the board and another is the IIMC President. After discussion, Hillegeist was approved to apply for a scholarship and even if not awarded was approved to attend for continuing education.

ADA COMPLIANCE REVIEW:  Clerk Hillegeist relayed that Travis Snider with USDA Rural Development scheduled a meeting September 12th for our transition plan compliance review. 

DELIAPITED BUILDING:  Councilmember Feldkamp was approached by a citizen about two buildings on Lincoln Avenue with structural deficiencies that appear to be affecting the neighboring buildings. Clerk Hillegeist was instructed to make contact with Attorney Metz when he returns and ask him to have answers on the situation for the September meeting. 

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Keever moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Feldkamp, carried. Council adjourned at 9:17 p.m.

                                                                                              /s/ Heather N. Hillegeist
                                                                                              City Clerk

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