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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                  November 13, 2018
Council Chambers:​

​ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Jack D. Crispin, Jr., Lisa S. Feldkamp, Elijah Keever, Melodee Larsen and Louis Zsuzsics, Jr. Officials present: Attorney Daniel D. Metz and Clerk Heather N. Hillegeist.  

VISITORS:  Visitors in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Jyll Phillips, Kerry Smith, Clay Haring and David Gerstmann.

AGENDA AMENDMENTS:  Councilmember Feldkamp wanted to add Kerry Smith to the agenda regarding Sunday Cereal Malt Beverage sales.  

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Keever, seconded by Zsuzsics, Minutes of the October 8, 2018, regular meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:  Payroll Voucher No. 18-10, for October wages and salaries in the amount of $60,964.04, was presented. A motion by Crispin, seconded by Keever, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Accounts Payable lists were reviewed. Invoices prepaid in October totaled $87,907.78, and unpaid invoices received to date totaled $110,784.07. Upon motion by Zsuzsics, seconded by Crispin, all said invoices in the amount of $198,685.85, were approved for payment. Keever abstained.

DELINQ. ACCOUNTS:  The Governing Body reviewed a list of fifteen (15) delinquent utility accounts totaling $3,415.13.  

SUNDAY CMB SALES:  Kerry Smith, owner of KK Smith, Incorporated DBA Lincoln Grocery, addressed the Governing Body regarding Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) Sunday sales. Following discussion, Smith was asked to attend the next Council meeting and Attorney Metz agreed to research what the City would need to do if it was approved. 

SEWER RATE ORD #720:  There came next for consideration an ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING NEW RATES FOR SEWER SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE CITY OF LINCOLN CENTER, KANSAS.” Said ordinance called for a sewer rate increase effective December 15, 2018. The increase would provide funds necessary to make infrastructure repairs. The increase is one of five planned for the next five years to bring the rates closer to the current state-wide average. It is necessary to be close to the state average to qualify for grants and loans. Crispin moved passage of said ordinance. Motion seconded by Zsuzsics. Upon call for vote, the following Councilmembers voted Aye: Crispin, Feldkamp, Keever, Larsen, Zsuzsics. Nays: None. The Ordinance was declared passed, was assigned No. 720 by the Clerk, was approved and signed by the Mayor, and ordered to be published once in the Official City Newspaper.

WATER RATE ORD #721:  There came on for consideration an ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING NEW WATER RATES FOR WATER SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE CITY OF LINCOLN CENTER.” Said ordinance called for a water rate increase effective December 15, 2018. The increase would provide funds necessary for the City’s match of the CDBG water line grant that was applied for. Keever moved to pass said ordinance, seconded by Larsen. Upon call for vote, the following Councilmembers voted Aye: Crispin, Feldkamp, Keever, Larsen, and Zsuzsics. Nays: None. The ordinance was declared passed, was approved and signed by the Mayor, assigned No. 721 by the City Clerk, and ordered to be published once in the Official City Newspaper.

PERSONNEL/HOLIDAY:  Clerk Hillegeist explained she worked with the auditors and the city’s software company and remedied the problem with the Chamber Bucks for employees to go through payroll. In consideration of the upcoming holidays, Crispin moved to increase the amount in Chamber Bucks to $40.00 for each hourly and full-time, salaried city employee. Motion seconded by Zsuzsics. Feldkamp abstained, carried.  

AIRPORT UPDATE:  Airport operator Clay Haring updated the Governing Body that the main dirt work is complete and grass has been planted. The cleanup has been delayed with the rain and the final survey has not been completed. Haring also reported most of the electrical upgrade was complete as well.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  At 8:10 p.m., Crispin moved to recess into executive session, with City Attorney Metz, City Clerk Hillegeist and Clay Haring to discuss matters relating to certain terms of the right of way consideration between the City and Kinder Morgan, Inc. which discussion with the city attorney would be deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship exception, K.S.A. 75-4319(b) (2) for twenty (20) minutes. The open meeting will resume in the city council meeting room at 8:30 p.m. Motion seconded by Zsuzsics, carried.  

MUNICIPAL POOL:  Councilmember Feldkamp presented a list of suggested repairs at the Municipal Pool and reviewed the 2018 expense/revenue report with the Governing Body. After discussion, Feldkamp was asked to research the cost of sandblasting, painting, sealing and repairing tile at the pool. Feldkamp agreed to get quotes and present them to the Governing Body in 2019.

J JENSEN MEMORIAL:  Mayor Schwerdtfager presented a plaque donated by the Jensen Family, for the memorial structure at the “Jerry Jensen Memorial Field.” He said there has always been a problem with water washing out the field, so his plan was to try to fix that problem at the same time as building the memorial. The city had received $3380 in memorial funds in honor of Jerry Jensen to help with the costs of the project. Schwerdtfager agreed to have a plan with figures for the December meeting.  

CPR/FIRST AID TRAINING:  Clerk Hillegeist informed the Governing Body that all the City office and crew are certified in CPR and First Aide training. This will soon to become a mandatory requirement by the City’s work comp insurance company.

CCMFOA BOARD:  Clerk Hillegeist notified the Governing Body she had been nominated by several City Clerks across the state to be on the City Clerks Municipal Finance Officers Association (CCMFOA) Board. Hillegeist will be officially nominated at the Master Academy Institute later this week in Wichita.  

PERSONNEL/HOLIDAY:  Mayor Schwerdtfager, at the request of Superintendent Meyer, asked the Governing Body to consider giving the employees additional time off with pay for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. After discussion, Crispin moved to approve additional holiday pay for December 24th and December 31st to all hourly and full-time, salaried employees for 2018. Motion seconded by Zsuzsics, carried.

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Crispin moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Feldkamp, carried. Council adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

                                                                                              /s/ Heather N. Hillegeist
                                                                                              City Clerk

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