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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                           March 8, 2021
St. Patrick's Parish Hall @ 216 W. Elm:  

​ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Angela K. Corpstein, Lisa S. Feldkamp, Brennan Johnson, Elijah Keever, and Melodee K. Larsen. Officials present: Attorney Jeffrey A. Norris and Clerk Heather N. Hillegeist. Also present: Superintendent Jesse C. Meyer.

VISITORS:  Visitors in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Art Howell, Kelly Gourley, Danielle Hollingshead, Jarrod Heinze, Jeff Lyne, Jane Jewell, Adam Boyd, Stuart Porter, and Erica Siebert.

AGENDA AMENDMENT:  Fire Chief Jarrod Heinze was added to the agenda regarding open burning within the city limits.

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Larsen, Minutes of the February 8, 2021, regular meeting and Minutes of the February 22, 2021 special meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:  Payroll Voucher No. 21-02, for February wages and salaries in the amount of $74,031.32, was presented. A motion by Keever, seconded by Johnson, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Accounts Payable listings were reviewed, including prepaid invoices in the amount of $18,414.91, and unpaid invoices totaling $190,893.41. Upon motion by Keever, seconded by Larsen, all said invoices, in the amount of $209,308.32, were approved for payment.  

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:  One (1) account, totaling $351.48, was on the list of delinquent utilities reviewed.

SENIOR CENTER:  Senior Center Site Manager Jane Jewell reported to the Governing Body that they have seen an increase of approximately 300 more meals per month. She requested a $2000 monetary donation to help with food costs. Jewell said the Senior Center would be opening to the public on March 15th for on-site dining and activities. After discussion of reimbursement programs for food expenses, Keever moved to approve a $1000 monetary donation to the Lincoln Senior Center as in previous years, seconded by Corpstein. Carried.  

CONVENTION OF STATES:  Art Howell requested the Governing Body support Article 5 and discussed the importance of reducing the national debt.  

WATER IMPR. PROJ.:  Stuart Porter, P.E., had provided a tabulation of bids received and opened on February 19, 2021, for the CDBG Water Distribution System Improvement Project 20-PF-029. He also provided a recommendation that the construction contract be awarded to the low bidder upon successful completion of the contract documents. There followed a motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Corpstein, that Deep Creek Construction, LLC, Lincoln, KS, be awarded the contract for the base bid, alternate #1 and alternate #2 of the waterline project, in the amount of $1,518,225, contingent upon KDHE review and approval of the bid documents, and that Mayor Schwerdtfager be authorized to sign the Notice of Award documents. Motion carried. Porter suggested the Governing Body ask for $500,000 in the KDHE Loan Amendment letter to avoid another possible amendment later and assured that the city will only pay for what funds are needed. Feldkamp moved to apply for $500,000 more in KDHE loans for the additional funding. Motion seconded by Keever, carried.  

2020 AUDIT REPORT:  Danielle Hollingshead reviewed the City of Lincoln Center Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2020 with the Governing Body. She thanked the City management and staff for its cooperation with the audit process. She then reviewed the “City of Lincoln Center’s Primary Government Financial Statement with Independent Auditor’s Report” document, making note of any significant changes. Hollingshead answered questions that the Governing Body had regarding debt vs. cash balances. There followed a motion by Keever, seconded by Johnson, to approve and accept the 2020 Audit Report and Financial Statements, as presented. Motion carried.

REC COMMISSION:  Adam Boyd, representing the Recreation Board, informed the Governing Body that they had received a Web Fund grant in the amount of $3,200 for adding nine (9) more Disc Golf Baskets. Boyd requested permission to install four (4) disc golf baskets on city property in the park area. Feldkamp moved to approved the request of the Rec, seconded by Larsen. Motion carried.

CITY HALL GRANT UPDATES:  Economic Development Director Kelly Gourley reported that she had received two estimates for the City Hall Elevator/Improvement project. Gourley explained the grant options, timelines and out of pocket match with each estimate received. After discussion, Keever moved for Gourley to prepare the Historic Preservation Fund Grant application to assist with the design and engineering up to a local match of $10,000. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried.

OPEN BURNING:  Fire Chief Jarrod Heinze discussed his plan for an open burning permit for inside the city limits. After discussion, the Governing Body approved Chief Heinze to work with law enforcement and move forward with the procedures for open burning as presented. Hillegeist was instructed to send the notice to the newspaper, in utility bills and post notice on Live Lincoln County and city’s websites.

CITY WIDE CLEANUP:  Clerk Hillegeist suggested to the Governing Body that the City have a city-wide cleanup on April 26th for the east side of town and April 27th for the west side with 4th Street as the split. Hillegeist was instructed to send the notice to the newspaper and post it on Live Lincoln County and city’s websites.  

MUNICIPAL POOL:  The City Council authorized the placement of advertisements for swimming pool manager and pool lifeguards in the Lincoln Sentinel, schools, City’s website and on the Live Lincoln County website. Applications will be accepted until April 9th.

NUISANCES:  Superintendent Meyer reported he had made contact with six (6) property owners regarding their nuisance violations. Meyer will be meeting with Attorney Norris in the near future. 

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Keever moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Feldkamp, carried. Council adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

                                                                                    /s/ Heather N. Hillegeist
                                                                                    City Clerk

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