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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                     February 11, 2019
Council Chambers:​

​ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Jack D. Crispin, Jr., Lisa S. Feldkamp, Elijah Keever, Melodee K. Larsen, and Louis Zsuzsics, Jr. Officials present: Attorney Daniel D. Metz, Clerk Heather N. Hillegeist. Also present: Superintendent Jesse C. Meyer.

VISITORS:  Visitors in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Jyll Phillips, Jolene Cole, Becky Rathbun, Deb Ortiz, George Plante, Doug Lebien and Beranda Robison.  

AGENDA AMENDMENTS:  Councilmember Crispin added Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) correspondence to the agenda.

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Larsen, minutes of the January 14, 2019, regular meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:  Payroll Voucher No. 19-01, for January wages and salaries in the amount of $68,140.32, was presented. A motion by Keever, seconded by Crispin, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Accounts Payable lists were reviewed, including prepaid invoices in the amount of $70,169.19, and unpaid invoices totaling $204,733.63. Upon motion by Crispin, seconded by Zsuzsics, all said invoices in the amount of $274,902.82, were approved for payment.  

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:  Four (4) accounts, totaling $1,226.89, were on the list of delinquent utilities reviewed.

SENIOR CENTER:  Senior Center Board Secretary Deb Ortiz explained to the Governing Body that out of 14,725 total meals served, 6,349 were home delivery. She also stated that there was 1,551.75 hours of donated labor in 2018. Ortiz said a monetary donation would help with purchasing two new portable prep tables for the kitchen at the Senior Center. Crispin moved to approve a $1000 monetary donation to the Lincoln Senior Center to help with the funding of the new prep tables, seconded by Zsuzsics. Carried.  

INDY PARK DRIVE:  Doug Lebien, owner of Lebien Seeding & Fencing and Beranda Robison, co-owner of BC Diesel voiced concerns about the Industrial Park Drive road condition. Robison said several of BC Diesel’s customers were unhappy with the road leading to their business. Superintendent Meyer said they had added seven loads of rock to the road just in January. After discussion, it was agreed the City would continue to maintain the road by adding rock as necessary. Lebien said they had asked economic development for some help funding the road repairs. 

POOL REPAIRS/MAINT.:  George Plante, Pool’s Plus of Salina presented the Governing Body with design specifications for the municipal pool for painting and repairs. Plante explained the entire process that he felt would be most beneficial to the city and cost efficient. He said the pool was in good structural shape for the age of the pool. Plante warned that after sandblasting the pool if any problems were discovered this would be above the original proposal of $79,180.44 at the rate of $69/hour plus materials. After discussion, no decision was made.

PUBLIC INFO. OFFICER:  Clerk Hillegeist explained that the Lincoln Housing Authority board needed the City to officially name a public information officer. After discussion, Crispin moved to designate Mayor Schwerdtfager the public information officer for the City of Lincoln Center. Keever seconded the motion, carried.  

KMEA DIRECTOR #1:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Larsen, Jack D. Crispin, Jr. was appointed to serve as the City of Lincoln Center’s Director #1 on the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency’s Board of Directors expiring April 30, 2021.

KMEA CORRESPONDENCE:  Councilmember Crispin explained as one of Kansas Municipal Energy Agency’s Board of Directors he is a voting delegate on behalf of the City. He had received a voting proxy from KMEA regarding the City of La Harpe, Kansas, was requesting to join our Energy Management Project No. 2 (EMP2) group. No objections were received from the Governing Body; Crispin was encouraged to cast the ballot.

NUISANCES:  Superintendent Meyer explained he is working on reports regarding inoperable vehicles. Meyer said the city had 127 possible cars prior to sending the notice last year, 50 cars were removed by owners on their own accord. Meyer has recorded 22 new potential inoperable vehicles have moved in after the fact. After discussion, Meyer and Attorney Metz were asked to research what the city’s next step would be and see if an independent towing company could be used.  

EDUCATION:  Clerk Hillegeist advised she would be attending the City Clerk’s Conference being held in Manhattan on March 13th-15th. Hillegeist would be sworn in on the Board of Directors of the City Clerk’s and Municipal Finance Officers Association at the conference at this time.

EQUIPMENT PURCHASE:  Superintendent Meyer requested permission to get bids/proposals for at least two (2) and possibly four (4) mowers for the Governing Body to review.

POOL REPAIRS/MAINT.:  Councilmember Feldkamp questioned what the plan was for the pool repairs. After discussion, it was decided to budget for the project in 2020 and plan for the project to go out for bid at that time.

RIGHT-OF-WAY:  Councilmember Keever asked Attorney Metz if there was anything to report on the Kinder Morgan right-of-way easement. Metz said he had nothing new to report.

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Crispin moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried. Council adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

                                                                                              /s/ Heather N. Hillegeist
                                                                                              City Clerk

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