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Council Meeting                                                                                                                                            May 10, 2021
Council Chambers:  

ROLL CALL:  The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Travis R. Schwerdtfager presiding. Councilmembers present: Angela K. Corpstein, Lisa S. Feldkamp, Brennan Johnson, Elijah Keever, and Melodee K. Larsen. Officials present: Attorney Jeffrey A. Norris and Clerk Heather N. Hillegeist. Also present: Superintendent Jesse C. Meyer

VISITORS:  Visitors in attendance for all or portions of the meeting: Art Howell, Kelly Gourley and Erica Siebert.

AGENDA AMENDMENTS:  There were no amendments to the council meeting agenda.  

MINUTES:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Keever, Minutes of the April 12, 2021, regular meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:  Payroll Voucher No. 21-04, for April wages and salaries in the amount of $67,105.16 was presented. A motion by Keever, seconded by Corpstein, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Accounts Payable lists were reviewed. Invoices prepaid in April totaled $49,468.34. A list of unpaid invoices received to date totaled $95,696.70. Upon motion by Keever, seconded by Johnson, all said invoices in the amount of $145,165.04, were approved for payment. Feldkamp abstained.

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:  Three (3) accounts, totaling $424.88, were on the list of delinquent utilities reviewed.

REC COMM APPT.:  Mayor Schwerdtfager appointed Kelly Schneider to an unexpired two-year term as a member of the Lincoln Recreation Commission. Keever moved to confirm the Mayor’s appointment, seconded by Larsen. Motion carried.

FRA TREASURER BOND:  Upon motion by Feldkamp, seconded by Corpstein, the Treasurer’s bond for the Lincoln Firefighters Relief Association, in the amount of $15,000.00, was approved.

HOUSING ASSESSMENT: Lincoln County Economic Development Director Kelly Gourley explained the Pride Committee had performed a “windshield assessment” of the houses in Lincoln to determine the dilapidated status. Gourley asked the Governing Body what they felt the needs were in the city for rental housing. After discussion, Gourley informed the Governing Body there will be a public meeting and she will send out notice of the date at a later time.

POST ROCK FESTIVAL:  Councilmember Keever moved to allow the Post Rock Festival use of the City Park & Municipal Pool for the activities on September 4th with a list of requests to be provided to Superintendent Meyer, seconded by Corpstein. Feldkamp abstained.

POOL PERSONNEL:  Clerk Hillegeist reported two (2) applications had been received for the new revised pool manager position. After discussion, Keever moved to offer employment to Blake Lee for Manager at $12/hour and ask Lee to renew his certifications, seconded by Corpstein, carried. Larsen moved to increase pay to the previously hired lifeguards, Brooke Wehrman, Kelsey Decker, Keegan Budreau, Kaden O’Hare $8.00/hour and new lifeguard Kaden Budreau $7.75/hour, subject to the acquisition of all required certifications, seconded by Keever, carried. Keever moved to allow Clerk Hillegeist authority to approve hiring an assistant manager selected by Lee with an hourly rate not to exceed $12/hour and to keep the season passes at the rate set for the 2020 season $45 for family and $20 for single pass, seconded by Larsen, carried. Keever’s motion also stated the tentative pool hours would remain the same as last year Monday through Friday 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday closed. Motion was seconded by Larsen, carried.  

SEWER ORD #729:  There came next for consideration an ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 15 OF THE CITY CODE OF THE CITY OF LINCOLN CENTER, KANSAS BY AMENDING EXISTING SECTION 15-422 TO CLARIFY THE WATERS OR WASTES THAT ALL PERSONS SHALL BE PROHIBITED FROM DISCHARGING INTO ANY PUBLIC SEWER WITHIN THE CITY OF LINCOLN CENTER, KANSAS.” Said ordinance added the language “whole blood” to the list of prohibited discharges to the city code. Feldkamp moved passage of said ordinance. Motion seconded by Larsen. Upon call for vote, the following Councilmembers voted Aye: Corpstein, Feldkamp, Johnson, Keever, and Larsen. Nays: None. The Ordinance was declared passed, was assigned No. 729 by the Clerk, was approved and signed by the Mayor, and ordered to be published once in the Official City Newspaper.

INTERCONNECT STANDARDS:  Superintendent Meyer relayed to the Governing Body that he has been approached by a customer regarding customer owned renewable electric generation facilities. Meyer stated that the city adopted the Customer Owned Interconnection Standards Ordinance No. 667 in 2007 and is in need of updated information. Kansas Municipal Utilities (KMU) had provided new updated documents for the city to consider and adopt into a new revised Ordinance. Following discussion, Keever moved for Attorney Norris to prepare a new revised Ordinance to address the suggested recommendations from KMU for the June Council meeting. Motion seconded by Larsen, carried.

NUISANCES:  Superintendent Meyer relayed to the Governing Body he was able to convince a property owner to deed a nuisance property to the City, so we could remove the dilapidated structure that is on Lincoln Avenue. After discussion, Larsen moved for Attorney Norris to prepare a contract to present to the property owner and proceed forward as necessary. Motion was seconded by Corpstein, carried.

ELECTION FILING:  Clerk Hillegeist reminded the Governing Body that the filing deadline for elections is June 1st at noon at the Lincoln County Clerk’s Office.

AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN:  Clerk Hillegeist informed the Governing Body the city was expecting to receive approximately $165,000 in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan. At this time, the U.S. Treasury has not released final guidelines on what the money is approved to be used for. Hillegeist reported the city will receive half in 2021 and the seconded half in 2022 with a deadline to spend the funds by June 30, 2024. Hillegeist was update the Governing Body after Treasury releases information. 

ENGINE REPORT:  Superintendent Meyer explained they are experiencing failed oil samples on the #2 Superior engine at the Power Plant. After discussion, Keever moved to approve an estimate of $18,000 for Wheeler World to inspect #2 Superior engine at the Power Plant, seconded by Larsen. Motion carried.  

ADJOURN:  There being no further business, Larsen moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Corpstein, carried. Council adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

                                                                                    /s/ Heather N. Hillegeist
                                                                                    City Clerk

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