Special Notices

Welcome to Lincoln, Kansas... the city "the size of a dime with the heart of a dollar!"

The Special Notice page is used to notify residents and interested parties about events or projects that may temporarily impact their day-to-day routine.  Most Special Notices are not urgent but informational and may require action on your part. 


Reminder to Water Customers
Weather permitting water meters will continue to be read all year but should still be packed to prevent winter freezing from October to March every year.  Customers will be billed for charges incurred to repair water meters not packed. Water meter packing inserts are available for $32.50 at City Hall.
Open Burning Permits
Outdoor burning within the Lincoln city limits including, but not limited to, firepits, garden debris or other materials, requires approval. Please call the Sheriffs Office at 785-524-4479 and you will be asked to contact Fire Chief Jarrod Heinze as well.




Contact Info

Lincoln City Hall
153 W. Lincoln Ave
PO Box 126
Lincoln, KS 67455